Uses and Functions of Lally Columns in Modern Construction


Adjustable steel columns or Lally columns are thin-walled, round telescoping tubes used in construction jobs as a temporary means of structural support. These implements may be adjusted in either direction. The inventor of the lally column was John Lally, an American innovator from Waltham, Massachusetts who patented the invention and started producing them in the 19th century. Since then, Lally’s invention has become an indispensable part of the construction industry.

Construction teams can take advantage of the flexibility afforded by the columns. The height of the column may be adjusted based on current requirements. If there s a need to cut off a section to fit room dimensions, the steel tube can be cut down to size using common hand tools such as the reciprocating saw or the pipe cutter.

The functions of adjustable steel columns

Lallies are available in a variety of lengths, from tubes that are a mere 12 inches in length to columns, which are 12 feet long. The main function of adjustable steel columns is to support weight suspended from above. They are oriented in a vertical direction and offer support to beams that stretch over a considerable distance. In modern construction, these telescoping tubes are very handy in preventing collapse of the roof of a structure when the supporting walls are removed during a renovation. Removal of a load-bearing wall necessitates the use of a substitute structure, and adjustable steel pipes are built specifically for this function. With the steel tubes in place, the house or building remains structurally sound and safe for the workers to go about their tasks.

Because of the material used in making Lally columns, they are not meant for permanent usage. In order to prevent buckling and to improve the weight bearing capacity of the column, the shell is filled up with concrete. As such, they become sturdy pillars that are fully capable of keeping the structure intact while work is ongoing. As soon as a supporting structure (e.g. bracing, beam, weight-bearing wall) is completed that can support the weight above, the columns may be removed.

What service providers offer

Nevertheless, there is rising concern about the durability of the lallies available in the market today. Through the years, there have been changes made to the original design. For instance, whereas years ago the thickness of the shell is about a quarter of an inch, models that are more recent are only about 0.06 inches (16 GA). Compared to lallies made in the past, adjustable steel columns offer only half the strength. There is also a rising concern about the risk for rusting and corrosion associated with the columns since the main raw material used is steel. The risk is especially high when the pillars are used in moist and humid environments.

Many companies now fabricate customized columns, which are tailor fit to the requirements of the construction that is underway. Services now offered by construction companies include design, fabrication, and shipping of orders to clients. The most convenient means of procuring adjustable steel columns is by ordering them online directly from the manufacturers.

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